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Over 200 participants joined our workshop since 2007. Here's a few testimonials from students about their New York experience with us. More testimonials on request.

"The NY workshop with Thomas and Todd offers an opportunity to see a side of New York and photography beyond what you'll find in a guidebook. Though there is time for that, too. Our visits to studios, galleries, and organizations proved enlightening in showing us the wide array of photography's applications. I feel I learned a great deal, whether in listening to people talk about their work, or in exploring one of the many museums I visited during my time there. Participating in the workshop just after my first year of study had a profound and positive effect on the rest of my time in the photography program, and hope that others have the chance to follow their own paths through the streets of New York."


"Explore New York city in the way you would have never dared to dream about. Thomas and Todd will guide you through the dimensions of the city and its inspiring artists. A city full of diversity that you will get to know while getting inspired by the broad contacts that they have. Discover the roots of street photography and let yourself feel the adrenaline of our passion in your whole being. Such an inspiring trip that will make you want to just go for it, believe in yourself and create. Discover the soul of New York, feel its heartbeat together with yours, confronting and in harmony. The city has so many secrets for you to wonder around. Thank you for this unforgettable experience!.” 


I am so thankful and happy for our time that we were able to share in New York. Really, it feels incredible to be editing the photographs and relive them. Thank you, for everything , it was very special and I learned so much!"


"Todd and Thomas! Thank you so much for the fantastic workshop. I had such a great time in New York and can’t wait to get back there!"


"The New York Workshop definitely opened my eyes to go out, talk to the people in the art scene and tell them my story because everybody we met in NY did that, too. And I got inspired by them. It’s a workshop for life. It’s not just about taking photos. An important part of the workshop is meeting many artists from different scenes which showed us possibilities and prepared us for our very own artistic life."


"The workshop in NY with Thomas and Todd was an amazing experience in a lot of ways. To name a few: get to know one of the best cities for street photography; several opportunities and types of work were shared and that is helpful for someone who wants to be, at least, related to photography; the people we met and also random contacts on the street were fulfilling; in my personal case, since a child, I wanted to see it and live it and now because of this two amazing people and the workshop it was the best combo (dream being fulfilled and based on photography)! Thanks both for your time and thanks NY for being the craziness you are."


"Where do I even start? The NYC workshop has taught me so much! First of all, it made me fall in love with the city which led to internships and little job offers later on and eventually to start applying for a work visa in the country. Pretty exciting!

And all this started with the workshop because Todd and Thomas showed us how amazing NYC is for photographers. There are so many different opportunities and so many diverse people around you. It makes you never want to put your camera down. During the workshop we had a full and intense week of meeting people of the industry, visiting exhibitions and places, experiencing the city and learning about photography. I found the whole trip super helpful. Not only did Todd and Thomas teach us a lot but the whole dynamic of the group gave me new energy and I also learned a lot of technical stuff from my fellow students. I took part in quite a few different (travel) workshops from our university and it seemed like each time I learned more during those few days than I did the whole rest of the semester in classes. It’s an intense, busy and stressful time but worth every missing hour of sleep! I can only recommend this to anyone. Very thankful for the experiences, memories and new friends – and especially thankful for Todds' and Thomas' hard work and expertise."


"I am glad we all could connect in New York! Thank you so much."





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